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Online Store Opening: Limited-Time 20% Off

The Nihonshu is happy to announce its online store launch today!

We are super excited to start sharing our best premium selection of Nihonshu!
As you know, Japan is the home of Nihonshu, commonly called sake or saké in the West. This alcoholic beverage, made by fermenting polished rice, is popular all over Japan. Despite its local popularity, Nihonshu is still not well-known in other countries.
At The Nihonshu, we want to expand the reach of sake culture, and share our personal love of this Japanese wonder with all of you around the world.

One of Japan’s most prestigious sake production regions is Kochi Prefecture, in southern Japan. 
Among the 18 breweries in Kochi, we selected Nishioka brewery, the oldest one in Kochi. The brewery is a rarity in modern sake production terms, producing only small quantities at a time which helps ensure quality in every bottle.
For the past 240 years, Nishioka Brewery have polished and mastered their dry sake brewing techniques despite the warm and wet climate of southern Japan. Nishioka’s dry sake pairs perfectly with fresh seafood such as skipjack tuna, also called katsuo.

nishioka shuzoNishioka’s brewery

With the launch of our website, we welcome you to discover our premium selection of Nishioka brewery’s sake.
To celebrate the launch, use this coupon code {THENIHONSHU20} at the checkout to get an instant 20% discount!

On our website, we will also continue to share plenty of sake and food related blog articles! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and discover more about Kochi’s amazing sake story!


The Nihonshu team

Drinking too much alcohol can harm your health. Please drink responsibly.

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