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Nagayao – A Millennium Sake Recipe From Nara


Nagayao, a Prince from NARA PERIOD (684 – 729)

The Prince Nagaya, called Nagayaō in Japanese, was a Prince in Japan from more than 1300 years ago.

In the 1980s, a wooden tablet with six recipes for making sake were excavated from the site of Prince Nagaya’s residence in Nara City. The sake recipes have more koji than it is today, has a strong sweetness, and is golden.

Nakamoto brewery is using one of this millennium recipe and has recreated perfectly one of the sake that was drank by the Prince.

Nagayao is a golden colored sake, extremely sweet (smv -48), easy to drink and we recommend you to drink it over ice. In fact, only the royal court and the nobles could afford having ice. (remember, it was 1300 years ago!)

Here’s the full story in video with English subtitles. 

Luxury Premium Sake

Nagayao comes with a stylish wooden box and inside comes a beautiful blue bottle sake with a modernly designed label. 

On the label, you can see the inscription

山鶴  Yamatsuru is the brand of the brewery. 
長屋王 Nagayao is the name of the sake.
神龜乃黄金酒 Shinki Kuganeshu means a golden liquor divine turtle.

This sake is sweet and has a rich umami flavor so it is good to drink as an aperitif or after a meal. 
Perfect for a gift or for a great occasion! 


KURA MASTER 2021 Junmai Sake Category Platinum Award

For the second time, Nagayao won the Kura Master Platinum awards! 

Kura Master is a Japanese sake competition for the French public, organized in France every year since 2017.

All sakes are tasted blind. The products, transported and stored at 5 ° C, are served on the day of the competition at a temperature of 14 ° C. The tasting takes place in wine glasses.

Platinum awards range from 100 points to 93 points, and gold awards range from 92 points to 80 points.

Nagayao has won the platinum medal for the second year in a row!



Not only Nagayao is a very rare sake using a thousand-year-old recipe but it is only brewed once a year and in a very limited quantity. Only around 200 bottles are produced each year so if you are interested, don’t hesitate for too long, our stock is very limited!


Pricing including the actual shipping fees

Price for 1 bottle including shipping fees for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea: 125.49USD

Price for 1 bottle including shipping fees for Europe: from 161.89USD

Price for 1 bottle including shipping fees for the USA: 175.99USD

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