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Buy Sake Directly From Japan




Sake, like wine, comes with different flavor, quality, grade but also rarity. Just like wine, some of them are only produced in little quantity, a few hundreds for some, and they are only made available within the region where its produced. The master brewers who don’t mass produce their sakes have better control in their brewery, and often, they have a higher quality than the bigger brands.     

At The Nihonshu, we are collaborating directly with some of the local producers, who brew sake annually from a few hundreds to a few thousands bottles every year.
They were carefully selected and their little breweries are passed down over generations. Some of the breweries we work with are over 200 years old! They take their job seriously and every year is a challenge for them to make the best sake ever. Over the years, they have mastered their own brewing techniques and when we drink one of their sakes, we can immediately feel the true spirit in it! Smooth, soothering, tender, spicy, crispy, fruity, all the adjectives possible can come to your mind at once!  


If you are not living in Japan, it will be impossible for you to get sakes from small producers. And with the uncertain situation Japan is facing, we don’t know yet when the borders will open again for visitors. 

If you would like to learn more about the sake we are selling, you can read some of the few articles about Nakamoto brewery, or Nishioka brewery here.


You can’t wait anymore, and are looking for delicious and rare sakes only available in Japan?
Please take a look at our online shop here.  You won’t be disappointed!

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