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Ipponzuri – Daiginjo


Ipponzuri Daiginjo has received multiple gold medals at the New Sake National award and is produced in a very limited quantity.
The brewer masters are using a specific technique to produce this sake called Fukuro tsuri shizuku zake, which literally means “bag hanging drop sake”, giving it a rich aroma.
It is a high-class sake that will pair perfectly with seafood, such as Katsuo no tataki. Serve it chilled.
What does Ipponzuri mean?

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Please drink in moderation. Do not consume alcohol if you are pregnant.

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SMV & Acidity level



How to preserve

8 – 10℃

Refrigerator is the best place to store.
(If not, a place that gets as cold as possible.)

When you drink

Extra cold (about 5℃)

Cold (about 10℃)

Chill (about 15℃)

Food pairings


Product Specifications
Type Sake Category Daiginjo
Rice Yamada Nishiki SMV +5
Rice polishing ratio 40% Acidity 1.4
Amino Acid Alc. by Vol. 17-18%
Brewery Nishioka brewery Prefecture Kochi, Japan
Size 720ml Format Glass bottle
Nishioka brewery is located in the small town of Nakatosa in Kochi Prefecture and was founded in 1781… Read more»

Address: 6154, Kure, Nakatosa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi  789-1301

Nishioka’s sakes

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