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Top 5 Momotaro Sakes

Momotaro sakes


Fumimoto Sake Brewery was founded in 1903 and was stated as the best sake brewery in town.
At that time, there were about eight sake breweries, but now only Fumimoto Sake Brewery is remaining in the area.

At first, Irikoma was their signature brand but later on they made a brand new one called Momotaro. It is their signature brand since 1966.


A Sake For All

The name “Momotaro” was chosen by the people living in the town.

When you hear the locals talking about Momotaro in the town, they are referring to Fumimoto Sake Brewery.

In general, when Japanese people talk about Tosa’s sake, they often describe them as dry (karakuchi in Japanese) but Momotaro’s sakes are actually more sweet and it’s really appreciated by the Japanese women.

Drinking Momotaro’s sake at cold temperature is exceptional. Even for people who don’t particularly drink sake, the aroma is incredibly good.

We could compare it with people who are not used to drink wine. In general, people tend to choose white wine over red because it’s “easier” to drink. 

They wanted have the desire to be a sake widely loved by the young people and the elderly.


Quality and consistency

Kensuke Fumimoto is the 4th generation sake master brewer  and devotes himself to make Momotaro sakes.

He continues to brew his sake in the local area in a small quantity. His mission is to maintain the quality of his production and keep its genuine taste.

Momotaro_killer set


Momotaro - Daiginjo

Momotaro – Daiginjo is an interesting sake where you can feel a fragrance reminiscent of tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana. It is brewed with Fukuhika rice from Kochi.
This sake will match food with strong sauce flavor and spicy food. It is definitely a good deal for a Daiginjo class.



Momotaro – Onigoroshi is a spicy and strong sake.
It is categorized as a Tokubetsu Junmai  and this sake has a subtle sweetness and umami flavor that comes in after taste.
Oni means demon in Japanese and Koroshi (or Goroshi) means to kill.
This sake will surely kill your demons inside you!
It is definitely a great deal you have here!


Momotaro - junmai daiginjo

Momotaro – Junmai Daiginjo is a premium sake with a light and refreshing aroma. It really taste fresh like a newly brewed sake.
The mouthfeel is smooth and soft with an extreme purity. Please enjoy it with light taste food.


Momotaro - tokubetsu junmai

Momotaro – Tokubetsu Junmai has a light flavor of a typical ginjo sake. You will feel the very characteristic fragrance of Kochi’s rice. Solid finish, light and dry.



Momotaro – Junmai Ginjo is sake with a mild ginjo aroma and taste. This is the kind of sake that will not compromise the taste of your dish.
It matches very well with Japanese food. The locals recommend it with grilled white fish or vegetables tempura.


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