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Nishioka shuzo - 西岡酒造


Nishioka brewery is located in the small town of Nakatosa in Kochi Prefecture and was founded in 1781! The brewery is a rarity in modern sake production terms, producing only small quantities at a time which ensures quality in every bottle.

For the past 240 years, Nishioka brewery has polished and mastered its dry sake brewing techniques despite the warm and wet climate of southern Japan.

Fumimoto shuzo - 文本酒造


Fumimoto sake brewery was founded in 1903 and its signature brand is Momotaro, created in 1966, the name is from a hero in Japanese folklore.

Usually, the sakes produced in Tosa are dry but Momotaro’s sakes are a little bit sweet compared with the other sakes. They are best served cold and it’s so easy to drink that you should be careful not to end up drinking too much.

Kensuke Fumimoto is the master brewer from the 4th generation and devotes himself to making Momotaro sakes.

Momotaro sakes are produced in small quantities and are loved by the young generations as well as the elder generations. 

Matsuo shuzo - 松尾酒造


Matsuo Sake Brewery was founded 145 years ago and is located in the western part of Tosayamada-cho, Kami City.

The current brewer is Mr. Yoshiyuki Matsuo and he is the 7th generation of the family. From 1958 for 13 consecutive years, Matsuo’s sakes won the New Sake Awards.

Their brand is called Matsuokina, and their flagship sake is a blue bottle named “Uchuu-shu” which means sake from the universe
The yeast (kobo) used comes from the ISS and it is actually very smooth to drink!

Nakamoto shuzo - 中本酒造


Nakamoto shuzo is a sake brewery from Nara and was founded in 1727!
Yamatsuru is their brand and this brewery has more than 290 years of history. 
Their ancestral brewing techniques were passed from generation to generation and they still have the original recipes from that period!
Nara’s area tends to have sweeter sakes in general, they are ideal as summer drinks! 


Rikyu brewery is based in Osaka prefecture in the city of Sakai.
Sakai’s sake brewing industry is said to have started in the Middle Ages, Sakai was one of Japan’s leading sake breweries along with Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara.
Rikyu’s sake main ingredients are Yamada Nishiki’s rice from Hyogo Prefecture, and spring water from Kongo Mountains in Osaka. The water from this region is one of the reason that makes their sakes sweet.