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The Rarest Sakes
From Japan

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Enjoy our best Japanese sakes!


The Nihonshu


We are sharing with you the rarest sakes from Japanese Master Brewers. They were all carefully selected and they are only produced in small quantities each year. Enjoy life, drink good sake!


Japan is where sake story started. From their brewing techniques to bottling and labeling, discover what real quality sake is and how to enjoy them with your family and friends.



Sake Cups

Different kind of sake cups You’ve bought your bottle of sake/nihonshu but you realized that you don’t have any sake cups, those cups were you probably enjoyed in a Japanese…

Buy Sake Directly From Japan

BUY RARE AND DELICIOUS SAKES FROM JAPAN Sake, like wine, comes with different flavor, quality, grade but also rarity. Just like wine, some of them are only produced in little…

Sake Popularity In The World

SAKE IN JAPAN For those who are not familiar with Japanese sake, called Nihonshu in Japan, it is an alcoholic beverage made from rice, koji mold, and water. For thousands…

Highest alcohol by volume (ABV): 18%