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Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping method should I choose to send my products?

We send our packages with EMS and Airmail, both operated by Japan Post.
EMS is faster than Airmail but a little bit more pricy.
Currently, because of COVID-19 situation,
flights are reduced and your package might take a little bit longer to reach your destination.

How do you calculate the shipping fees?

The shipping fees vary depending on where you want us to send your package.
The fees are categorized by zone and by shipping methods.
We are using Japan Post rates and all packages are insured.
Currently, the shipping fees are higher than usual due to COVID-19.

I want to pay with my credit/debit card, how should I proceed?

We accept credit and debit cars from VISA, Mastercard & American Express.
All your information is encrypted and secured.

I want to pay with Paypal, is it possible?

We accept Paypal and the currency is in USD. There is no fee if you make a transaction in USD.
If it involves currency conversion, a fee will be applied, please check Paypal website for more information.

Make sure to tick “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” then click on Proceed to Paypal.

Enter your Paypal email address and password to log in to your account and make the payment.

About Customs Duties

According to the country you send your package to, a custom fees might apply when you receive your package.
Please refer to your country customs duty.
Generally speaking, for European countries, choosing Airmail is a better option to avoid customs duties,
while for the USA or Asia, EMS tends to be a better option.
Please be aware that we are not covering any custom fees. Thank you for your understanding.

I've made a mistake in my order, what should I do?

If you realized that you’ve made a mistake (product, quantity etc.) please contact us ASAP, thank you!

My parcel arrived damaged or is lost, how should I proceed?

When the delivery person arrived at your door, please sign your package only if your parcel looks not opened and not damaged.
In case your bottles are damaged or broken, please contact your local post office and fill a claim.
Once it’s done, please send it to us so we can fill a claim to Japan Post for reimbursement.

How should I store my sake?

When you received your sake, it is better to keep it in a fridge.
There is no expiry date for sakes, however it is best drunk within 2 years from the production date.
After you’ve opened a bottle, it is recommended to drink it within the first three days.
It won’t go bad after that, but try to avoid exposing the bottle directly to the sun for a long period.

About The Nihonshu

We are a small team based in Hyogo, Japan.
Our products come directly from the breweries and we re-pack each bottle for international shipping.

If you have other questions that are not listed here, please email us at

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