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sushi and sake pairings

Sushi/Sashimi and Sake Pairings: The Ultimate Guide

Sushi/Sashimi and Sake pairings guide Japan is world famous for its delicacies and yet, it is quite difficult to choose the right sake to go with your dinner. Just like for wine, there are different types that match more or less your food. In this blog article, we will talk about how to pair your favorite sushi and sashimi with your sake. We will give you some useful recommendations for each type of sake. Let’s check it out! Assortment of sushi Japan offers different varieties of fish, mollusks and shellfish, where you can find them raw in supermarkets ready to eat. How much do you know?  SUSHI or SASHIMI? Traditionally, sashimi… Read More »Sushi/Sashimi and Sake Pairings: The Ultimate Guide

Discover an award-winning sake from Kochi: Ipponzuri Daiginjo

One of our most prestigious sake is Ipponzuri Daiginjo, but where does this name come from? What’s Ipponzuri? Ipponzuri means single-line fishing and is a traditional technique that the fishermen in Japan catch the fishes in Kochi. It is a unique method and a sustainable way to catch katsuo fishes using a combination of a rod and line, and a basic sonar. By using this fishing method, it minimizes the damage to the flesh, so the fish will become even more delicious. Ippon-zuri technique demands years of experience in intuition and skillful technique to catch the fish one at a time. Fishermen catching skipjack tuna (bonito) If you ever visit… Read More »Discover an award-winning sake from Kochi: Ipponzuri Daiginjo

What is Katsuo no tataki?

One of Kochi’s most famous dishes is katsuo no tataki, a seared bonito. It is a type of tuna caught all around Japan, especially in Kochi prefecture. No one knows how to prepare katsuo quite like people in Kochi. They are grilled over a fire, giving it an extraordinary smoky flavor. When the outer layer is seared, the fish is plunged into iced water to stop the cooking process, leaving the center raw. The fish fillet is cut into thick slices and served either dipped in salt, or ponzu dressing (soy citrus), alongside with chopped spring onions and sliced raw garlic. The best type of sake to go with your… Read More »What is Katsuo no tataki?