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Sen no Rikyu – Ai Yama – Junmai Ginjo


This Junmai Ginjo sake was carefully brewed by polishing a special Aiyama rice from Hyogo prefecture to 60%.

After the aging period at a low temperature, the taste is deep and exciting.
It pairs perfectly with Japanese dishes seasoned with a light salt flavor.

Aiyama rice is a large grain rice that has inherited from “Yamada Nishiki” and “Omachi” and is suitable for sake brewing.
It is said to be a phantom sake rice that is extremely difficult to cultivate.
It is produced only in a part of Hyogo prefecture, and it is a valuable sake rice with a very low yield among the existing sake rice.


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When you drink

Cold (about 10℃)

Chill (about 15℃)

How to preserve

8 – 10℃

Refrigerator is the best place to store.
(If not, a place that gets as cold as possible.)

Food pairings


Product Specifications
Type Sake Category Junmai Ginjo
Rice Special A grade Aiyama Rice from Hyogo prefecture SMV
Rice polishing ratio 60% Alc. by Vol. 17%
Brewery Rikyu Gura Prefecture Osaka, Japan
Size 720ml Format Glass bottle

Rikyu brewery is based in Osaka prefecture in the city of Sakai.
Sakai’s sake brewing industry… Read more»


Address: 3-3, Nishi, Kai-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka  590-0950

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