Matsuokina Tosa Urara – Junmaishu


Tosa Urara is a very refreshing junmai sake with a pleasant aftertaste, and the aroma is soft and gentle.
The water comes from the clear stream of Monobe River.
They use local rice called “Tosa Urara” which means the beauty of Tosa city and it is polished at 60%.

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  • Type: Sake
  • Category: Junmai
  • Country: Japan
  • Prefecture: Kochi
  • Brand/Brewery: Matsuokina Tosa Urara/Matsuo brewery
  • Alc. by %: 17%
  • SMV: +1
  • Acidity: 2.2
  • Rice: Tosa urara
  • Polishing ratio: 60%
  • Size: 720ml
  • Format: Glass bottle
Weight 2 kg