Kanrakushu – Junmai Daiginjo Premium

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This exceptional Junmai Daiginjo sake brewed in Osaka prefecture is using a unique brewing method called [8-stage brewing].

At the stage of making moromi sake, it is common to put the sake in the tank first, and then add the koji, steamed rice, and water in three portions.
This is called three-stage preparation.
The original eight-stage preparation is made by adding five more preparations to this.
Keeping the yeast activity to the end, resulting in a “rich sweet” finish.
You will feel a plump umami and an elegant sweetness in this sake. The after-taste is sharp.

The recommended way to drink:

Drink it cold as it is a pretty sweet sake

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Ingredients: Rice, Koji
Alc. by Vol: 16%
Rice: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 40%
Size: 720ml

Weight 2 kg