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about us

We are three sake lovers from Japan and our mission is to become your dedicated Japanese sakés provider. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been tasting, sipping, drinking this national beverage and we found it sad that apart from Japan, people from other countries don’t know sake (called Nihonshu here) that much.

In western countries, restaurants often serve them hot, and they are mostly very bad ones (comparable with wine tables).

We would like to share with you the best and rarest sakés that are even very hard to find in Japan. Our selected sakés come directly from the small breweries in Japan and we’ve selected for you the rarest ones that we most love!

Our team – The Nihonshu – hope that we can share with you all our dedicated passion!  

Premium and Rare Sakes

The Nihonshu has selected for you the rarest and best sakés produced in small quantities from Japanese brewers.

International Shipping

We ship our products from Japan to your country with special care and insured parcels.

Customer Support

You can reach us anytime via email or Instagram and we'll get back to you asap.


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The Nihonshu


We're passionate about sake, and want to share the best sakes from Japan's small producers with the world. We got for you the rarest selection of sake from small breweries in Kochi prefecture, the land of nihonshu. Enjoy life, drink good sake!


Kochi is known as being the sake country among the Japanese and has been a reference for sake lovers. Located in southern Japan, you can find a total of 18 small breweries where the brewer masters use the fresh water from Shimanto river to produce their sake.

Japan Map
Kochi's sake brewery